What does a graphic designer do?

If you have a marketing to do list… part of it includes creating the tangible materials that make up your marketing and sales plan. Graphic designers create these materials using specific software that can export various file formats for production. Designers add a level of creativity, inspiration, beauty, and sophistication to their work so that your communication with your audience is as professional as possible. When a designer has finished the materials to the customer’s satisfaction they will hand off their files or artwork for production. In the case of digital media, the designers’ files are the final product.

How can a graphic designer help me?

Graphic designers are experienced in creating professional quality marketing materials. Their expertise lies in the continued practice of problem solving and presenting material in a manner that is easy to consume for the end user. They can create this level of communication much faster and with better results than someone who is not trained and experienced in the field.

How do graphic designers charge for their services?

Just like a house painter or and auto mechanic, designers charge for time and materials. The labor that the designer puts into a project is recorded and billed hourly while out of pocket expenses such as photography are billed in addition.

What if I don’t like the finished designs?

This is a tough one. Because graphic design is a creative service, there can be 1 million solutions to one problem. Therefore Design Factor takes the time to ask questions during the project initiation and development process that can reveal expectations and preferences and rule out approaches unsuitable. Several concepts are explored with the appropriate solutions presented with a reasonably good chance of satisfaction. If we miss the mark, we try again until the best solution presents itself.

Do I own the rights to the finished designs?

Usually there are several directions or concepts that a project can take. As a client, you pay for the final product. Those designs become yours and are delivered upon approval or payment by you. Any concepts that were not used remain the property of the designer.